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Why Do I need an alarm?

If you’ve purchased your car in the past 10 years, your vehicle was probably already “equipped” with a security system. So why are people still buying aftermarket security systems? Because even in this day and age, a motor vehicle is stolen in the U.S. every 45 seconds!

So my factory alarm is useless?

Not necessarily. In some situations, such as in public areas, having an alarm siren is enough to scare away violators. Rather than “useless”, most factory alarms are simply limited.

Wouldn’t you prefer to prevent the violation in the first place? In the event of a break-in, wouldn’t you want to be notified immediately? And along with your belongings, what if the thief attempts to drive the car off the parking lot?

We are a Computstar Authorized Reseller

What does Compustar offer as an alternative?

Compustar’s standard security systems add the following capabilities to enhance your vehicle’s safety:

  1. Shock sensor – Detects impact and triggers the alarm if it is severe enough.
  2. Theft-deterrent LED – A thief is much less likely to intrude if it’s clear your vehicle is protected
  3. Engine lock – When your system is armed, the vehicle can’t be driven without the key
  4. Alarm siren – Compustar sirens blare at 105+dBs, much louder than a standard siren.

Along with the above, Compustar also offers additional technologies for adding to your peace of mind.



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